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A great resume service can help you catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers, drastically increasing your callbacks and interviews. At Executive Drafts, we know the secret to providing a high-impact resume is to work closely with our clients, asking great questions and collaborating throughout the process. Our reviews don’t lie: People love working with us because we know how to listen, encourage feedback, and have the expertise to produce outstanding resumes that get immediate results.

Every Executive Drafts resume is reviewed by a recruiter, hiring manager, and professional writer. Forbes has named us one of 15 websites to jump start your career. Our reviews speak for themselves, and you can read from our client reviews on Facebook or Google. We are also active in local recruiting events, where we provide career advice and resume coaching on a volunteer bases. Simply put, our skills are sharpened and our staff is ready to help you be the most competitive candidate you can be!

Results By The Numbers

  • People who hire professional resume services see immediate results.
  • 31% more likely to get an interview
  • 38% more recruiter callbacks

  • 40% more likely to get the job

Why Choose Us?

  • One word: Expertise.

Our staff includes recruiters, hiring managers, and professional writers who specialize in corporate communication. Graduating from college? Coming back from a hiatus? Transitioning careers? We’ve seen it all and we can help.

You probably have questions. We have answers, and they’re based on real and ongoing feedback from recruiters and hiring managers.

  • How long should my resume be?
  • Should I include a summary?
  • Which technical skills are most sought-after in my field?
  • How do I address employment gaps?
  • How can I use my experience to change fields?
  • How do I get past the Applicant Tracking Scanner (ATS)?

Working with Executive Drafts takes the guesswork out of job-searching and helps you move on to what really matters: Callbacks and interviews to help you secure the job.

Our Guarantee

If your new resume isn’t getting the results you need, come back to us for unlimited free edits/revisions. We’re committed to excellence, and will not rest until you get exactly what you’re paying for: Results. That’s right, Executive Drafts is a resume writing service that truly guarantees effectiveness!

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How It Works

Elements Of A Great Resume

Results of a Professional Resume Review
linkedin billboard

Let’s talk about LinkedIn, the social network for your career.

A great LinkedIn profile is not only robust, active, and thorough, but searchable as well. When recruiters search keywords for new talent, are you getting noticed? With Executive Drafts’ keyword optimization and LinkedIn profile overhaul, you’ll start getting noticed by recruiters and watch the employers come directly to you!

Some Words From Our Awesome Clients

From start to finish, Executive Drafts was exactly as advertised… they’re truly first class professionals and excellent communicators who genuinely care about their clients… a rare find!!

Kyle, Contractor, Owner

Prior to Executive Drafts, not a single employer contacted me. They streamlined my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I applied for just one position, and less than two hours later, they called for an interview. The best employment investment I’ve ever made!

Tim, Fundraising Professional

They really took the time to get to know my history and my goals. Executive Drafts rocked my resume and I got an amazing job with a salary that was more than I expected!

Greg Myers

It’s been less than two weeks since they helped me revamp my resume. After 8+ months of underemployment and over a year spent actively looking, today I received a job offer. Thanks for being awesome, for loving something that nearly everyone else hates, and for being willing to share your thoughts and advice with those of us who need it most.

Brian, Engineer
Executive Drafts provided me with an exceptional resume that accurately highlighted my professional career and accomplishments. Their service is personal, professional, and timely. I highly recommend Executive Drafts!
Bonnie, R.N.
I was applying for top consulting positions in the area, and everything needed to be perfect. Executive Drafts’ process was very collaborative and thorough, and the results were immediate. I started getting callbacks and requests for interviews the very next week!
Alex, Graduating MBA

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