Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the process work?

Once you place your order, we will email you within 24 hours to assign a writer, outline the process, and schedule your phone consultation.  You will work directly with your writer until you’re 100% satisfied with the final draft!

2. Which package should I purchase?

Each package corresponds to a different level of career experience.  You should select the package that matches your experience level.  For example, “The Professional” is for anyone with over five years of experience.

3. How long will the process take?

Most resume projects are completed within a week.  However, some of this time is spent waiting on our clients to make notes and provide extra information. This means your project may take longer if you prefer to sit with a draft for a few days before making your notes.  If you’re up against a deadline, communicating that to your writer can result in an on-time delivery.

4. Do you have experience in ____ field?

With over 2000 resumes written, we’ve seen most of what’s out there. However, the more important skill here is our ability to collaborate with you, asking questions about your role and getting your feedback. For deeply technical fields, we rely on you to help us maintain that technical edge, and we are happy to let you know when we need a little help understanding your field better.

5. What will be covered in the consultation call?

First, we’ll have an in-depth discussion about your existing resume and your career history to ensure we understand your background. Then, we’ll talk about the kind of positions you’re pursuing.  Lastly, we will go over some of our ideas for the resume, talk about the next steps/process, and give you ample time to discuss anything else on your mind. Most consultation calls take between 20-30 minutes, but can sometimes run longer if there’s more to discuss.

6. I have a day job, which might make scheduling a phone call difficult.  Do you work ‘after hours’?

Many of our clients work a standard 9-5 day, so everyone on our writing staff is able to accommodate a consultation call after hours.  We often make time for clients in different countries across the world as well. Our work day is designed to accommodate calls outside of normal business hours, and even weekends.

7. Do you offer face-to-face consultations?

Executive Drafts conducts all interviews and communication by phone and email.  This allows us to work with clients all over the United States and the world, while keeping costs down.  It’s also very efficient.

8. Are cover letters included?

They’re not included in the base package, but selecting the “Customize” option allows you to choose add-ons like cover letters, help with LinkedIn, and interview coaching.

9. will you tailor my resume for specific jobs?

Whenever possible, we’d prefer to target your resume towards a very specific role or set of roles.  This is something we’ll discuss further on your consultation call, but resumes that have a laser focus on a narrow range of positions perform much better than resumes meant to cast a “wide net.”

10. Are your resumes optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS/scanners)?

We do two things to optimize your resume for ATS:  Our resume formats don’t use tables, which means scanners can easily read them from left to right with no confusion, and we pay special attention to choosing high-impact keywords and industry-standard job titles.  Too many resume writing companies overplay their hand here and pretend there’s a magic sequence of keywords that will land you an interview, but that’s simply not the case. Most modern ATS are programmed to weed out the obviously unqualified candidates.  This means as long as your resume is relevant, uses commonly-understood keywords and job titles, and has the minimum pre-requisites for the job, people are going to see it.

11. I already have a resume.  Does that matter? 

While not required, most of our clients have an existing resume.  We like to use your current resume for some of the basic details (like company names and dates).  However, we treat all projects as a complete re-write.

12. I am located outside of the United States.  Can you still help me?

Yes! We have written resumes in over 40 countries.  Resumes in the United States, Canada, Australia, and some European countries have little or no variation in style and format.  When called for, we’re able to adapt our style to fit country-specific needs (for example, we’ve written resumes from Spain, Philippines, and Vietnam, all of which require specific considerations).

13. My career is unique and/or complicated.  Are you the right people to help me?
People with non-traditional backgrounds are especially likely to hire professional resume writers to help them organize their career strategy, so we have extensive experience here.  Common “unique” circumstances include the following: Acquiring a degree later in life, making a career transition into a different field, re-entering the corporate world after being a small business owner or self-employed freelancer, military-to-civilian transitions, and career hiatus as a result of travel, stay-at-home parenting, caring for sick family members, etc.
14. What makes you different and better than other resume writers? Be honest with me!
Here’s a few things that set us apart.  

1) We are career strategists in addition to resume writers. The people who work on your resume will have experience in recruiting, hiring, or have been trained extensively on the strategic side of resume crafting. Lots of companies can write decent professional verbiage on your resume, but what we do involves in-depth analysis and thinking critically about how each of your roles fits into the grand scheme of your career.  That expertise is valuable.  

2) We communicate well and often!  One of the biggest concerns clients have with hiring a service is that they’ll get a final draft in a “take it or leave it” form with very little input.  That’s not Executive Drafts.  We ask for feedback after every draft, questions and concerns are encouraged, and everyone gives 100% approval before we close your project.  
3) Lastly, we’re still a small enough business that we care deeply about every single resume to come across our desk.  It’s not uncommon for the company owner to add notes to your resume or contribute during the writing process, and we’re a tight-knit group who take your success very seriously.  A large percentage of our clients hire us a second time once they move to a new job, and almost always get to work with their original writer.  The human element of Executive Drafts is what keeps people coming back. 

Choose Your Package

(Select the option that best matches your career level and customize your package)

The Graduate

$ 179

  • For New College Graduates and Entry-level Clients
  • Phone Consultation
  • Personalized Resume

The Associate

$ 229

  • For People with 2-4 Years of Job Experience
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-draft Resume Process

The Professional

$ 299

  • For clients with 5+ Years of Experience or Advanced Degrees
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-draft Resume Process
  • Senior-level Writers
  • Complimentary Touch-ups


$ 549

  • The Complete Package with unlimited access to our staff
  • Phone Consultation
  • Multi-Draft Resume Process
  • Cover Letter Included
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary Negotiation Assistance
  • Complimentary Touch-ups

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