Advice Everywhere and Still No Job!

December 4, 2016 Uncategorized

job adviceToday, there is so much advice available online. Just do a quick Google search for job search advice and you will bring up pages and pages of wisdom. Yet, because there is so much available out there, you will also find contradictory advice which will leave you confused and overwhelmed. So, let’s bring it all down to a few job search tips that will help cut down on some of that frustration.

Be Obvious

The fact is, the first person to review your resume is often a lower level HR person or recruiter who might not have a complete understanding of the fine nuances of the job you’re applying to so be as obvious as possible on your resume.

Get Offline

After you apply for a job online, don’t stop there! Seek out the people working for that company and get to know them. Schedule informational interviews. Approach the internal recruiter and ask a few questions. Get on the company’s radar!

Redo Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

If your resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t a direct match for a particular job your seeking, change it. Switch around key words, swap around bullet points. You should always treat them as living, breathing documents.

Boring – Boring – Boring

Don’t fall into the trap thinking that a polished, articulate and professional resume will make recruiters see you as boring. That is so far from the truth. People get hired because they’re polished and endearing at the same time.

Don’t Be Invisible

Statistics show that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool and if you’re a professional, not only do you need to be on LinkedIn but you should be using it to your full advantage. It’s by far the best resource you have available today for career and job search networking.

Thank You

Crafting original, genuine thank you notes (one for each interviewer) the moment you get back to your computer following an interview. The speed with which you send a thank you note, and the quality, will make a big impact.