How to Strategically Play the Job Hunting Game

April 7, 2016 Uncategorized

job hunting gameThe job market is tough and competitive and job hunting can become a hectic routine unless you understand how to strategically play the game. Here are a few tips every job hunter should know:

Always keep track

You should always keep track of the information you’re collecting and write it down in one place when you start applying for jobs. This should include important details like the name of the companies you’ve applied to as well as the positions you’ve shown interest in pursuing. This will help keep track of and evaluate your job hunting efforts as a whole.

Promote by building reputation

It’s not a bad thing to promote yourself, and you can do it without coming off as an egotistical person. Create a portfolio of your work and then share it on social media. It will showcase your skills and hopefully help you land a job that matches your qualifications. It also shows potential employers that you are self-assertive and proactive.

Build out your LinkedIn profile

It’s important to have a professional profile on LinkedIn as it give employers an easy way of reaching out to you because they can see what you have to offer them right there on your profile page. We can help you build out a profile that will showcase your best qualifications.

Create an impressive resume

It’s sad to say but many job seekers never make it past the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) so they don’t stand a chance at getting their resume in front of the recruiter. We can help with that as well because every Executive Drafts resume is reviewed by a recruiter, hiring manager, and professional writer to get you past the ATS and help you land a great job!

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