It’s All in the Bag!

January 31, 2017 Uncategorized

bagIt goes without saying that preparation is key when you’re interviewing for a job! You’ve done your research, you’ve laid out your “dress to impress” outfit, and you’ve planned your route down to the last millisecond but have you thought about packing your bag?

First of all, whether your male or female, you should carry a bag or briefcase. It should look professional and preferably have enough room for an envelope with copies of your resume. The bag should be large enough to fit your belongings without them sticking out of the top of overflowing. A basic, clean purse and/or briefcase or beige/brown colored satchel are always good choices. Now, what do you put in your bag? Here are six essentials you must bring with you to any job interview:

Resume and Copies of Essential Documents

We have become so reliant on the internet and our phones for almost everything but it is always advantageous to include a paper copy of driving directions or any instructions about what to do and where to go once you arrive at your interview. If your GPS fails, or you can’t access key information on your phone about the interview, what happens then? Never trust that you will have access to WiFi  so save yourself a lot of agony by preparing a backup paper copy. Make sure to include any notes or practice interview questions you jotted down for the meeting.


Chilly weather can catch you off guard, so you might consider bringing or wearing a jacket that can fit in your bag during the interview. The last thing you need is appearing disheveled by carrying a big bulky coat. Just make sure it can fit in your bag.


For all our female readers, consider which lipstick or gloss that will best showcase that beautiful, friendly smile! Fire engine red isn’t always a good choice. Toss your makeup bag inside your purse or briefcase and do a little touchup before your interview.


If you had a garlic bagel on your way to the interview, you might want to include a tin of mints in your bag for a fresh minty breath. No gum! You might forget to toss it on your way in and it’s never a good idea to chew gum during a job interview.


A hangry interviewee is never a good version to present to a potential employer so if you skip breakfast, bring along an easy, edible snack (no Funyuns or juicy fruit) so you can dedicate 100 percent of your brainpower to the interview.


What if the hiring manager gives you a quick written assessment or asks you to do a calculation and puts you in a conference room without anything to write with? Because you prepared well, you can whip out your own pen and accomplish the task while showing forethought and preparedness to the hiring manager.

Always keep in mind that what you wear and how you present yourself are vitally important in an interview. Having the best bag won’t necessarily land you a job but it will help present yourself as a savvy, confident job candidate.