Lying On Your Resume and Other Workplace Mistakes

March 10, 2015 Uncategorized

angry bossI am always surprised that most workers believe they won’t be fired (short of a company shut-down) unless they are either grossly incompetent or they’ve taken cash out of the till. The fact is there are many kinds of workplace behavior that could land you out on the street.

Here are 10 workplace mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your hard-earned job:

  1. Lying on your resume Truth matters, and most employers will do educational and background checks to corroborate the information you’ve provided. False claims about your degree or achievements will almost always lead to dismissal.
  2. Too much web surfing – Workplace computers can be monitored. Spending too many work hours surfing in cyberspace is a good way to find yourself unemployed.
  3. Indiscreet job hunting – Again, computers may be monitored, and that includes instant messages. If you’re in the job market, don’t send resumes or job applications to other employers from your workplace computer.
  4. Gossiping – Sometimes the walls really do have ears. Stay away from the rumor mill if you want to keep your job.
  5. Too many personal calls – There’s no such thing as privacy in the workplace. Employers frown on taking or making too many personal calls.
  6. Alienating co-workers – It’s the old ‘works and plays well with others.’ Don’t get yourself a rep for being detached or unpleasant around other employees.
  7. Forgetting to check your work – Double-check your facts and figures every single time. Too many mistakes will likely get you fired.
  8. Not taking responsibility – Pointing fingers never gets you points. When mistakes happen, take responsibility for any error that may have been yours.
  9. Getting involved with the boss – Whether it’s romantic involvement or providing too much sympathetic ear, the result is often somebody leaving the company – and it’s more likely to be you than the boss.
  10. Drinking or drugs on the job – It should be obvious: Sobriety on any job is mandatory.

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