Interview Coaching Session (1 hour)

$ 149.00

Interviewing is a skill, and it can be learned.  The process has been streamlined over time such that most hiring managers and HR departments use very similar styles and strategies for identifying applicant strength, and we can teach you how to make the most of your time in the chair.  Executive Drafts will walk you through the entire interview process in an in-depth one-hour session with our interview coach.  We’ll discuss your overall strategy, including identification of your biggest strengths and liabilities as a candidate. Our focus in every interview session is two-fold:

  • Identifying the most likely questions you’ll be asked (Including popular behavioral-style questions as well as addressing specific skill/experience gaps in your candidacy)
  • Focusing on your “value pitch”, which is a direct and genuine account of where your strengths lie and why you’re the right choice for this position

By the end of this one-hour session with our interview coach, you’ll not only have the tools to confidently walk into a room for your upcoming interview, but you’ll have gained valuable wisdom that’s applicable to all interviews.