Resume Changes for 2016

February 12, 2016 Uncategorized

wrinkled resumeIt’s 2016 and you just pulled your four page, wrinkled up resume from 2008 out of the bottom of your desk drawer because you’ve been laid off and you’re looking for a new job. Now you’re thinking, eh, I just need to add my last job and submit it like it is. Don’t do it! A lot has changed since 2008 when it comes to writing resumes.

In 2016 think of your resume as the first weapon you have to show your expertise and skills to a potential employer and/or the hiring manager. You want to make sure to leave a great impression so that you are noticed and receive an invitation for an actual interview.

Here are a few tips:

Keep it relevant – In the 2016 resume, you do not have to list all of your experiences, just the most significant ones that will leave a good impression.

No more objective statement – When you include this in a 2016 resume, it can look like desperation on your part according to the experts. You should still include your career goals but most employers are more interested knowing what you bring to the table than your future plans.

Wasted space – Don’t waste valuable space with basic job descriptions. Highlight and emphasize your skills, accomplishments and expertise you’ve had in your previous jobs. Otherwise your resume may come off looking mediocre at best.

Use specific keywords not buzzwords – This is one of the latest trends that you should apply to your updated resume. Using specific keywords/action words/industry terms will help a potential employer learn more about you and things that you can do that are specific to their job application.

Do not go beyond two pages – Lengthy resumes are a thing of the past so stick with one or two pages or else you risk the chance of boring the hiring manager or recruiter because you’re not delivering what they are looking for from the beginning of your resume. Do not fall into the trap of creating a long drawn out, boring resume if you want to get the attention of a potential employer in 2016!

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