Secret Tips to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

September 19, 2016 Uncategorized

linkedin-profile-tipsOne of the best ways to move forward with your job hunt is a LinkedIn profile. Yes, it can be pretty intimidating to put together and maintain but we’ve put together a few tips to help you that most others aren’t using:

See Who Viewed My Profile Tool

It might seem a little embarrassing to use LinkedIn’s creepy tracking system to get your name in front of an interviewer or potential employer’s radar but you might be surprised at the response you get. Here’s the trick: When you apply for a job, do a LinkedIn profile search for a possible interviewer, boss, or recruiter. (Check your profile view settings to make sure they’re set to your name and headline before you do or it won’t work.) Now here’s the great part, when your name pops up on their “See who’s viewed your profile,” and they see your name again in their resume pile, the “second look” increases your chance because they recognize your name.

Keep Your Profile Updated and Post

If you’re going to use the profile tool above, make sure your profile is up to date and that you have a professional photo. Although this seems like a no brainer, you might be surprised that most people do not include a professional photo on their profile and they haven’t updated their profile in a few years.

Write an Intriguing Headline

Attending The University of Texas isn’t as appealing as “Experienced Sales Professional Looking to Positively Impact a New Organization – Let’s Connect!” You must make yourself sound intriguing, knowledgeable and most of all, hireable!

Join Groups to Connect with Recruiters

Join – and participate – in relevant groups (even alumni groups) that include industry professionals and recruiters. There are literally hundreds of groups for every industry out there and even groups that are designed for meeting recruiters. Comment on posts and even post content yourself so people see you as an industry professional right away.

Write Some Recommendations

There’s no better way to keep a positive image with your former manager or co-workers than to write a glowing review of your experience working with them.  Writing a positive, unsolicited review of your former colleagues builds tremendous goodwill and can instantly raise your profile with that person.  People are also likely to return the favor.  A little kindness goes a long way in the workplace!