follow upSo you made it through the interview and you’re thinking it went pretty well. Awesome – but – your work isn’t done yet; you still need to follow up. This is a very important step that shows the hiring manager that you’re still interested and hopefully, get the job. Here are a few suggestions to make the perfectly timed follow up:

Don’t leave the interview without this

Try to find out the employer’s timeline for evaluating clients before you leave the interview. Ask about when you should expect to hear back from them or maybe next steps in the process. This will really help you understand when and how to follow up. If you’re unable to gather this information, you still need to follow up in a polite and timely manner.

Break out the penmanship

Unless they specified otherwise during the interview process, it’s a good idea to follow up with a thank you note. This isn’t just simple politeness, it’s a great chance to show them that they are a high priority for you and that everyone you met was very polite and made you feel at home. Keep it brief and professional, this isn’t the time to go on a rant about your qualifications. That should have been covered during the interview.

When you don’t hear back

Give the recruiter 2-3 days past their original estimate before following up. It’s okay to call or email. Always be polite and do it in a low-pressure way. The follow up can be as simple as “Jared, I’d like to know if I’m still being considered for the position or if it’s already been filled.  I have an interview coming up next week but your position is my first choice, and I thought it would be nice to touch base before I looked to pursue anything else.”

Keep searching

Definitely do not put your job search on hold waiting to hear back from one company. While you’re waiting to hear from them, continue sending out your resume, schedule interviews and continue networking to find other available jobs. You might never hear back from the company at all – sad but true – so keep in mind you might have to “move on.” It’s also possible that you might hear back from them a month after the interview and their response might be positive. You just never know so keep sending out that resume!

Remember that what you do after an interview is just as important as the interview itself. Good luck!

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