You’ve perfected your resume. Seven people have read over your cover letter and given it the green light. You’ve gone on what feels like hundreds of interviews, and FINALLY one of them panned out! You’ve got yourself a job.

To a young adult, there are few things more daunting than beginning a “big-kid” job. You’re excited to graduate college, to finally be on your own and able to make decisions completely independently of anyone else. You can take a gap year (or five), you can move to a different country and start from square one, you can stay in your college town and work at your university, or you could move a few hours down the road to a big city and start a 9-5. There are SO many variables in your life right now!

If you’ve decided to take the career route, the anticipation of starting an office job with a bunch of people older (and wiser… maybe) than you is a lot to handle. What’s a W2? Do I have to work overtime (or am I even allowed to)? How many sick days do I get? Can I take a personal day yet? What do I wear? Am I sharing an office with someone else? How do I budget? When do I get paid? Do I get business cards? And when’s lunch?!

There are endless rhetorical questions you’re asking yourself. But have no fear! This infographic from The New Savvy will supply you with some must-know tips as you take the first steps into your new career.