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12 Types of Bosses – Which One Describes Yours?

January 20, 2015

There are 12 types of bosses, each with a different management style, says Geoffrey James, business author and blogger for “Everyone needs a field.

Failure to Launch: Common Job Search Mistakes

January 13, 2015

While this year’s college graduates are and will be facing a tough job market, they can still take comfort from the fact that many employers.

What You Wish You’d Known before Your Job Interview (Infographic)

January 6, 2015

This nifty little infographic gives you all the tips and tricks needed to avoid the common mistakes and ace your job interview! Maybe you’re a.

Soft Skills Questions You Might Face in Your Next Interview

December 30, 2014

You’ve polished your resume, updated your references and picked up your best outfit from the dry cleaners. You’re ready for that big interview. But while.

Before You Hit Send Follow these Tips to Get Your Resume Read

December 23, 2014

Finding that perfect job opportunity doesn’t come around very often for many, and when it does, excitement can take over and cloud the ability to.

Thinking about Switching Careers in 2015?

December 16, 2014

In early January 2014, 21 percent of American workers said they planned to change jobs within the next 12 months, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Introspection.

Use this Social Media Strategy to Find a Job

December 8, 2014

If a social media strategy isn’t at the top of your list when starting your job-searching endeavors, you might find the process slow and tedious..

Top 5 Resume Mistakes for Recent Graduates

August 25, 2014

I was hesitant to write this article, because there’s no shortage of “top X” lists in the world of career prep. However, I’ve noticed many.

Reverse-engineering the Hiring Process: Start With Your Offer Letter and Work Your Way Back

June 30, 2014

When I’m coaching clients on taking the next step in their career, I’m always surprised at how our instincts can steer us down the wrong.

The Death of the Objective Statement

October 21, 2013

I remember exactly when I learned how to write a resume. It was my freshman year of high school in my keyboarding class. I’m 32.

7 Signs You Need a New Job

September 16, 2013

It’s hard to know when to throw in the towel and begin looking for another job. Our happiness can be called into jeopardy for many.


September 10, 2013

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