Career Consulting (1/2 hour)

$ 50.00

Sometimes you just need to spend a little time with a professional who can provide guidance, establish your next steps, and counsel you on long-term success.  If you’ve already worked with us on your resume, cover letter, and interview preparation, Executive Drafts is available for extended consulting on an hourly basis with Jeremy (owner of Executive Drafts).  We can plan the details of our 1-hour phone call in advance, or you can let us know what you’d like to discuss at the time of our call.  This is a very loose format, which means this hour can be spent talking by phone, drafting correspondence, or even helping you find and apply to jobs directly.

Some popular topics for career consulting sessions:

  • How to introduce yourself directly to recruiters
  • Salary Negotiation assistance
  • Where to look for legitimate jobs and how to evaluate job descriptions
  • Addressing employment gaps and other special considerations
  • Career direction: What jobs should you be looking for with your experience/qualifications?